SidWinder (alpha)

bin (0.0.1 alpha)

A couple guys were complaining about how they couldn’t make their .SID’s (C64 music files) into .PRG’s (C64 executables) for music competitions. So I made a tool that does all the fucking work for you. It lacks completeness, and that’s because it’s only been tested on about 12 SID’s thus far (all of which work, though).

Completeness/improvements will come soon.


bin (v1.0.1)
src (latest)

This is a pretty basic CHIP-8 emulator, and more or less a barebones test case for writing emulators with FerrisLibs. It’s Windows-only (for now); the emulator code itself is entirely platform-independent, but thus far I haven’t implemented any FerrisLibs backend code for other systems. For now, it also depends on the latest MSVC runtimes.

The controls mimic an original 4×4 keypad, and are mapped as follows:

original    qwerty
  123C       1234
  456D   ->  qwer
  789E       asdf
  A0BF       zxcv

There are no (known) emulation bugs.


Previous releases:
bin (v1.0.0)